Blue Bird Bareilly Public School




Learning Today Leading Tomorrow...

Educational Visits

Frequent Visits to places of Educational, Historical, Religious, social & Recreational are conducted from time to time. This interaction with the environment & places enables children to learn & understand their world in a most conductive manner.

Parents & The School

You are your child’s first and important educator. At Blue Bird Bareilly Public School, We value and appreciate the important role you have to play to play in supporting your child in developing a positive attitude to school and learning. Studies have proven that children learn best when home and school work in partnership. At Blue Bird Bareilly we offer a wide range of opportunities for parents to actively participate in supporting their children at school. Schools can’t educate children alone. We need your support.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

The school periodically organizes parent-Teacher Meetings (PTM) where interactions are conducted on child education and child welfare.

Attendance of all the parents at such meetings is necessary.